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Additional Services

BluePaz specializes in providing first responder culture specific services and is able to cater to any size department.  We understand how difficult it is to build trust, and we hold this value very high as a company.  

You can trust us with your training, coaching, or counseling needs.  We provide Return to Work Assessments, Fitness for Duty Evaluations (FFDE's) post Officer Involved Shootings (OIS's), or other high intensity critical situations.  We also assist with Independent Medical Evaluations (IME's) for disability based retirements.  In addition, BluePaz provides outstanding Employee Assistance Program (EAP) Services to help personnel through difficult work or family stressors.  


"I have known Dara for five years and he cares greatly for first responders. I am a Police officer, CIT Officer and Coordinator, and Crisis Negotiator with over thirty years of service and I highly recommend Dr. Rampersad."- Deputy Chief Shaun McColgan.

"If Dr. Dara is involved, it’s definitely worth recommending!"- Off. Mark Hada

"After seeing you last week, I felt like 20 lbs was lifted off my shoulders. Thank you for your help."- Anonymous

"Got to see my first CIT case all the way through last night.  A lady with schizophrenia came into the station and was having a rough go.  Was able to calm her down, call the MHEW, drive her to the other side and get her admitted.  Just wanted to say thank you.  Without your training that would have gone a much different direction."- CIT Officer K. Harris

”Dr. Dara is law enforcements best friend and biggest supporter... having known (him) for many years personally and professionally, my statement is easily backed up by many others.”- Sgt. Nick Krau


“Dr. Rampersad is one of my most trusted and skilled colleagues. While acting as the forensic coordinator for the county of Maui, he brought expertise, creativity, and consensus-building to communities and systems that were previously fractured and paralyzed. He was an effective conduit for change, building not only evidence-based programs but — more importantly — trust among stakeholders. Dr. Rampersad embodies that rare blend of skill, expertise, trust, and humanity that is found only in the very best of professionals.” - Dr. Neil Gowensmith

About Us


Dr. Dara Rampersad is a licensed psychologist in both Arizona and Hawaii, and specializes in first responder crisis intervention. He is certified in Crisis Intervention Teams (CIT) as a CIT Coordinator, and is trained in Critical Incident Stress Management (CISM), and FBI-Crisis Negotiator Teams (CNT). In addition, Dr. Rampersad is licensed as a professional counselor in Arizona and Colorado, and is nationally board certified in counseling, with over 20 years of experience in the mental health field.

As a past Senior Director of crisis services for an integrated healthcare company, he led approximately 200 behavioral health crisis staff servicing over 4 million people in Arizona. 

He is a CIT instructor for many police and sheriff departments, and trains on crisis and mental health to fire departments, paramedics, and other first responder agencies.  

Dr. Rampersad currently serves on the CIT International Board of Directors, and was also involved as a team leader for an International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) policy group; revising policies and procedures for how law enforcement respond to people with mental illness or in crisis.

Prior to starting his psychological consulting firm BluePaz, LLC, Dr. Rampersad worked as the Department of Health Forensic Coordinator for Maui County. In this capacity, he launched Maui County Police Department’s and the State of Hawaii’s very first CIT program; to improve first responder service delivery to people living with mental illness. During this time, Dr. Rampersad was also able to assist in starting Maui County’s first felony/circuit court mental health court, and he was selected by CIT International as an international behavioral health practitioner of the year. 

Dr. Rampersad has appeared on multiple television and radio programs to speak on law enforcement response to mental health, violence risk assessment, homelessness, and other mental health issues.  He has also served as an expert witness in complex judicial cases involving involuntary hospitalization and fitness to proceed issues. 

Dr. Rampersad has been given letters of commendation by the Governor of Hawaii and the Mayor and Chief of Police of Maui County for his pioneering work in the field of mental health. He was also lauded by and received commendations from the Phoenix Police Department for his assistance in selecting their CIT detective squads, and for his ongoing work in assisting law enforcement as a first responder psychologist.


Amazing Stories of First Responders

- A brief story on integrity and having a good heart:

Yesterday, I had lunch with a couple of my friends who are Sgt.'s in a local police department, and one of them was telling me about this family they recently encountered who was not doing well.  They were facing multiple financial hardships and couldn't even afford dog food.  

When I questioned him more about the details, my buddy told me he was able to take care of them by going to the grocery and buying over $100 worth of food and supplies for them and their pets.  When the junior officers on his squad offered to chip in, he told them jokingly "I make more than you, it's ok" (which wasn't exactly true).  

I told him, "bro, these are the types of stories that PIO's and the media need to hear... all the great things officers do everyday for their communities." He humbly replied, "I didn't do it for recognition."  

I wanted to share this because I know many first responders also give a lot to their communities everyday, and while not always monetarily, you give in heart.


I wanted to say thank you to all of you who do this, and humbly stay in the shadows!  Your work is not without recognition.

Be safe and stay sound.



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